The transitional arrangement enters into force

On the 1. July 2021 is it as far as & # 8211; The final Gambling State Treaty should enter into force in US! Until 1. July next year and from the 15.October 2020, the gambling and sports betting in USA are finally officially tolerated.

What the gambling regulation in 2021 means for the USA market

Online gambling companies currently working on the unregulated market will have to implement steps that are set in the Fourth Legal Law Regulation in relation to Player Protection Guidelines and Measures to Combat Gambling. By mid-October is expected by all operators that they also consider the legislation that from 1. July 2021 will come into force in relation to any industry:

  • The entire game offer must be available in USA.
  • The applicant has a registered office in an EU Member State or in a signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.
  • Each player is assigned a game account provided by the provider. Without a game account, he / she is not allowed to participate in the game.
  • It must be ensured that there is an exclusion of minors and / or blocked players.
  • Payments to a game account or from a game account may only be made by a payment account of the Payment Service Supervisory Board law, and the amounts must be specified in Euro and cents.
  • Deposits of the player must be credited to the game account immediately upon receipt of the payment.
  • When registering, players should be asked to have an individual monthly domain-related deposit limit of up to 1.To set 000 $.
  • The funds that the players have on their game account must be available on a separate billing account, in addition to the account with equity of the operator.
  • Players may not receive loans from the provider or third parties commissioned by him (credit transfer).
  • Players have the opportunity to set daily, weekly or monthly limits for missions, deposits and losses associated with the domain.
  • It must be a 24-hour lock, the so-called panic knob, with respect to the domain visible. The panic button is permanently displayed whenever it is possible to participate in the game.
  • An automated system for early detection of gambling addiction must be set up.
  • Reality Checks & # 8220; will be set up by the operator after each playing hour on the Internet.
  • The different game forms can only be offered over the same internet domain, if a graphically delimited and separate area is set up for each game type.
  • Gambling operators inform players before participating in the game in USA about the game as well as the search risks and the prohibition of participation for minors.
  • Each random number generator used must work properly.
  • The ban on advertising for unauthorized gambling, including the games with virtual machines and online poker, is observed.

Gambling regulation

Casino games, use limits and limit elevations for high scooters

During the so-called transitional period, an insert limit of $ 1 per spin must be set for the online slots and online table games such as roulette and blackjack are not allowed. Table games are to be offered separately from the machine game, and each state can choose to grant a monopoly in this industry to its state lottery.

The wide monthly expenditure limit of 1.000 $ will apply to all players, but the operators have the option of the limit on request to up to 10.000 $ to increase, provided that a maximum amount of deduction and a special loss limit of a maximum of 20% of maximum expenditure is set for the player.

The operators will also have the option of the spending upper limit for some of their players (high-scooter, up to 1% of the registered players) of 10.000 to 30.To increase 000 $. These players must be at least 21 years old and subject to increased due diligence and subsequent surveillance.

Online gamebanks that left the USA market


The agreement to allow online games until the new legal framework comes into force, criticized groups for problematic gambling in the country. Nevertheless, it is an important step towards regulating gambling in USA and how we have seen, there are many requirements that Serious online casinos up to 15.October must fulfill to continue to publish your offer.


1. Which casino games are from 15. October available? From the 15.October are online games (except table games), sports betting, lotteries and online poker available.
2. Can now only offer licensed casinos your services? The applicant has a registered office in an EU Member State or in a signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The licenses are then granted for USA (from the 1.July 2021). Until then, it is safe to play in casinos that show a lucky license from a European country.
3. Can I play in the casino without registration? No, that will be from the 15.October no longer be possible. All players must open a player account at the respective online operator, where they want to enjoy, be it with free versions or against real money. This is an essential difference to the current play, because you could use demo versions even without registration in the casino.

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